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Ancient Stagira

Ancient Stagira

The city was occupied by Philippos in 349 B.C., after the fall of Olynthos, and was the birthplace of the philosopher Aristotle.  Ally, originally of the Athenians and then of the Spartans, the city was built in 655 B.C.

Philippos, on the other hand, reconstructed the city in honor of the famous philosopher and Alexander the Great’s mentor. When Aristotle died, his citizens carried his remains to Stagira and erected a monument in his honor.

The region’s excavations began in 1990. The most spectacular item that has been discovered is a wall erected in the classic era at the top of the hill. Different building methods can be identified. The sea-encircled ancient city’s western boundaries are defined by the wall.

Round and square towers and ramparts linked by hefty scales completed the formidable fortress.

The citadel’s remnant may also be seen at the top of the hill. The well-kept remnant of a wonderful, spacious public structure, with a gallery and a monumental front with pillars, can be found behind the hills, between the hills.

Distance from our complex : 78 km ( 1 hour 24 min drive) See drive route in google maps

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