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Cave of Petralona

Cave of Petralona

Petralona Cave is the most notable of Greece’s 12,000 caves, owing to its abundance of fossils (one of the greatest collections in Europe) and the finding of a 700.000-year-old human scull!
The crimson soil that tinted the stalagmites and stalactites gave it the name “Red Stones.” It has a surface area of 10,000 m2.

Dr. Aris Poulianos discovered the entire skull and a portion of the bones of an upright hominid in 1960.
It belonged to a lady in her late twenties or early thirties.

The skull is estimated to be 700.000 years old, while the fire traces discovered nearby are estimated to be about 1.000.000 years old.
It is thought to be one of Europe’s first human discoveries.

NOTE: Petralona Cave and Museum is closed to the public from 1/1/2019 due to restoration works.

Distance from our complex: 39 km ( 40 min drive) See drive route in google maps

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