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Visit Varvara Waterfalls

Varvara Waterfalls

In a beautiful landscape in mountainous North Halkidiki, on the route between Olympiada village and Varvara, you will find the 2 waterfalls of Varvara.

The water ends in Mavrolakas area, the river that is the border of Olympiada and Varvara. The surrounding area is a natural landscape of unsurpassed beauty with beeches and lindens.

A pleasure of enjoyment in the heat of the summer.

Drive up from Olympiada (it is easier to get from there), after 6 km (View route map) you will meet a small sign of Varvara Waterfalls to the right. From that point begins a downhill dirt-road which is accessible by normal car and in fact has recently been opened more from local authorities.

At the end of this dirt-road you will find a wooden gazebo. You can park the car there.

There are 2 waterfalls, one on the left (Waterfall 1) which is about 320 m walk away and second on the right (Waterfall 2) which is about 280 m walk away.

Following the easily accessible path on the left you will find the first waterfall and a magical nature landscape.

For the second waterfall you will proceed to the right path. Following the path you will be able to admire the waterfall from above.

If you want, you can go across the small river and see it from the bottom but the crossing that point is a bit dangerous and it is good to avoid the elderly or small children.

Do not miss a day trip to the waterfalls, especially if you are in Eastern Halkidiki area.

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